Empire State Ventures was founded in order to help consumer goods brands navigate the digital landscape. ESV is unique in that we make strategic partnerships with brands for a stake in their business, then drive these businesses toward long term success. Along with holding equity in consumer good brands, we provide marketing and consulting services for brands that are not looking to give up any equity right now.

ESV is built with a young and experienced team of creatives across multiple industries. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the way successful business is conducted. We’ve been hands on during this movement, which best positions our team to apply valuable and essential insights to new projects.


At the center of brand acceleration and business growth in today’s driving digital space stands Empire State Ventures, a network of leading creatives and innovators aimed to build strategic partnerships, provide unique resources, and position your brand to succeed.


Graham Welter
Digital Director & Founder

Graham began building and running his own e-commerce brands in 2014, focusing on driving growth through digital channels. After relocating to New York City, he continues to work as a marketing contractor, helping drive brand growth and developing new business opportunities. While working with an impressive list of brands in diversified industries, Graham has adopted a holistic view towards growth strategies.

Anthony Rocco
Analyst & Strategic Partnerships

After graduating from Yale University, Anthony has focused his efforts toward pursuing independent analyst projects. He specializes in evaluating emerging markets and product opportunities in the consumer goods space. He leads strategic partnership development with early stage companies.

Wade Belair
Advisor & Investor

Wade began working with early stage companies within New York's Venture Capital space, at Great Oaks Venture Capital as an investment analyst. He worked not only to vet companies which presented a strong investment opportunity –– but also, working hands-on with start-ups to strategize on their branding, business model, high-impact partnerships, and marketing approach. Currently at My Young Auntie, Wade provides hands on brand-strategy and creative guidance for early-stage to established brands.

Eliseé Browchuk
Creative Media Consultant

Eliseé Browchuk is a fashion writer and content producer based in New York. She currently holds an editorial business manager role at Vogue and oversees Vogue Runway's fashion show calendar. She leans into discovering new talent and giving a voice to emerging creators in the industry. Last year, she helped launch and continues to co-produce Vogue.com's "Diary of a Model" video series, which has garnered over 10 million views worldwide. Her contributor page can be found here.


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